Who Are You?

Unhappy man and woman

In many cases, what contributes to depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric symptoms is the way we are thinking or the way we are avoiding acting on something that needs acting upon. In a sense, it is our body shouting to our mind to stop thinking a certain way or to begin acting on that thing we have been avoiding. The more we continue to think in that manner or avoid in that manner, the more intense our “symptoms” grow, until we finally act.

How do you choose your thoughts, your words, and your actions? Do you make them with conscious thought and deliberate action, or are you on auto pilot? What impact do your thoughts, words, and actions have on you and everyone around you? Do you know? By answering these questions, you can begin learning what it takes to become more self-aware and begin living the kind of life to which you aspire.

Now is your chance to take a closer look at your choices and begin forming a life that truly matters. Begin by learning to identify and respond meaningfully to Boundary Probes directed at you and that you direct to yourself and others. Learn to say “no” at the appropriate times, and begin to see your disturbing thoughts and self-esteem improve, as you and others begin learning just who the real You is.

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