Focus Outward

We are alive! Living in the physical world!

Notice that when we focus outward, we become absorbed in the outer world. Usually, in the outer world, we are pursuing our interests and in pursuing our interests, we are focused on the positive.

Have you ever noticed that when we are focused inward, relaxing, letting our brain go on vacation, just "sitting back" that we soon begin focusing on the old unsolvable, unresolvable problems? That's because we are problem solving creatures. That is how we survive on the Earth. We solve problems everyday, 24/7, whether we realize it or not.

Most of our problem solving is automatic..every movement, every thought is focused on some sort of problem. During the day, some problems attract and require our conscious attention. We focus outward on those problems and, hopefully, develop an action plan or resolve them. Once resolved, we let our brains go on vacation. We relax? And soon, we feel depressed!

When we release control of our brain..our mind and our thinking..our problem-solving mind automatically reverts to trying to resolve/solve all of those old, accumulated unresolvable/unsolvable problems. We feel depressed! When we focus inward, our feelings automatically turn negative.

How to stop? Deliberately and consciously, FOCUS OUTWARD! Our physical bodies require 24 hour self-discipline. They require good, whole foods and good, muscle and bone sustaining exercise and 24 hour attention. So, too, our minds.

As humans, we are actually able to monitor and control what we think. That is why there is so much emphasis on "thinking positively," mindfulness, and meditation. They all work. Each of those activities is an exercise in focusing outward. All work to help us focus, monitor and control our thoughts.

No time for the above? Make a point to always be focusing outward. Allow your recognition that you feel depressed and are focusing inward become a reminder trigger to, once again, focus outward. Focusing outward can be planning, pursuing any interest, noticing and focusing upon sights, sounds, colors, objects, reading, puzzles, TV,  Anything outward. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

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